Classic Cut v.s. Slim Fit

Hi Everyone! Thank you for reading Suits Avenue’s Blog! Today we are going to compare classic cut to slim fit suits!

It really is all about the fit. The saying “the suit makes the man” is right: an ill-fitting suit can make you look less dressed up than wearing no suit at all.


extreme slm.jpg

perfect for a trim guy who wants to wear his suit, not the other way around. The jacket features a narrower chest and waist that is form-fitting without being constricting. The trousers are slim-fitting with a narrow opening at the cuff and a low rise.


oic.jpg  slim.jpg

Just like it sounds, Slim Fit is fitted closer to the body, without excess fabric. That doesn’t mean it fits like a superhero bodysuit; Slim Fit can be worn by a lot of different body types.


pic.jpg      traditional.jpg

Classic Fit is comfortable and easy to wear. It’s cut generously through the chest and waist, which means less constriction for you, but still maintains a clean body shape


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