Suits on Sale

New Original Suits made in Turkey!

Gents: do YOU want Quality and Value? These wool suits are on SALE save 200k or more ranging from just 500k Ugx. ALL are New Originals made in Turkey! Wool and Wool Blended, this is for Quality and Durability. AND these are the very suits in the shop in Kampala... Pass by to find your Suits on Sale, Suits Avenue.

The Suits above are just 600k Ugx, Click WhatsApp NOW…save 500k Ugx

We will send the shop location and more samples of these Quality Wool Suits in Kampala!


Pls pass by soon to see the suits on sale at Suits Avenue!

We have more styles in the Shop, the suits above are just 500k Ugx, Pass by soon.  SAVE 200k Ugx

Or Click WhatsApp NOW to Chat!

100% Wool, made in Turkey, the suits above are just 500k Ugx!  The Best Value of Quality in Kampala. SAVE 200k Ugx!

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