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Suits Avenue realizes that the final touches on your wardrobe make the distinction.  We have exclusive designs, and limited supplies of these trending accessories. From a lapel feather to quality hand crafted Italian shoes.  The belts we have are real leather, watches from America, we have all the details handled.

Accessories make what matters...

Suits Avenue is always pursuing the last trends in men's fashion.  This page shows samples of the actual stock in shop in Kampala, shoes, watches, cuff links, belts...we are MEN's supermarket...

  Imported from USA


Suits Avenue knows that how you keep time presents you to your peers…This is the accessory, like shoe, you should INVEST in quality and uniqueness… Stop buy to see current stock in shop

Suits Avenue imports ALL our watches from America, Quality Style, Distinction, limited supply… Actual actual stock in shop in Kampala

  Imported from Italy and Turkey…

Cuff-link Sets

Suits Avenue knows that the accessories make the man…Boardroom or function Suits Avenue will make you look smart… All stock in Kampala.  Made and imported from Italy and Turkey.

We have trending sets, either bow tie, or tie.  All sets include cufflink and pocket square… Priced at 100k ugx..

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