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Welcome to Suits Avenue‘s blog! In this blog we are going to talk about the new airport in Istanbul and share what we brought back for you! As always we import all of our clothes and bring you nothing but the greatest quality!  Stop in the store today to get help picking out your new favorite outfit! Our table of contents are below! We are also going to go over everything we have and how to see the quality! 

Table of contents:

  • Airport in Istanbul
  • What we have *PHOTO GALLERIES* New products featured
  • How to see the quality in your clothes
    • The label
    • The lining
    • The stitching
    • Details
    • Coloring
    • THE FIT
    • Construction
    • The “Pinch Test”
    • The lapels
    • The cuff links
    • Conclusion

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Istanbul Airport:

This is the worlds largest roofed airport! It took them a grand total of 42 months to build and is now open to the public! The video above gives you a tour of the new gorgeous airport! They will fly out about 200 million people a year! It features 6 runways and takes up  1.4 mil square meters. 

There are plenty of signs explaining where to go and even telling you how many minutes it will take you to get to your next destination!

*This video was released before phase 1 opened. It is now open*

They are still making plans to add on to the airport! It isn’t supposed to be complete until 2028!

As of right now the airport can sort through 30,000 pieces of luggage an hour!

🤵Everything about suits🤵

What we have (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) 

Let’s check out all the smart new imports we have, coming from the USA, Italy and Turkey! We offer all shapes and sizes for men and boys!

The first thing we are going to show you is our wool blue stripped suit!


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Another stripped suit demo!

Our suits are available in many other colors and all sizes!


We offer many different blazers starting at 200k!

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Khakis are the new style, all the ladies love them. Of course we have them in all shapes and sizes!

Our gentle trousers are in many different colors and sizes as everything else!


Newly imported all leather shoes from Italy and Turkey. These stylish all leather shoes are available in all sizes. We have snake skin, coffee brown, black and much more! While you are here take a look at our matching belts and watches!

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We have many different sizes for many different shapes! We can help tie all your ties and dress you for success with all occasions!

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Our ties start at 50k

Seeing the quality:

The Label:

The first sign to look for regardless of where you buy your suit from is the fabric quality, and that will be shown on the label.  The only words you want to see are “100% Wool.” If you see a bunch of different types of fabric, then it can’t be good quality. When there are many different fabric pieces, there is a higher chance of them falling apart. If it is all wool, then you know it is good quality. 

Click here to read ALL ABOUT WOOL

Look at the lining-

A fused lining that’s held together with glue is about as bad as going for a $99 polyester suit. The cheapest quality suits will have a fused lining. The highest quality suits will have a full canvas or at least a half canvas.

While suits can be expensive, it may be best to get the pricier one. If you buy the more expensive one you can take proper care of it and it can last YEARS.

Click here to read about proper care and storage for suits.

Check out the stitching-

The ability for mass-manufacturers to replicate what used to be hallmarks of a custom suit has never been greater. With that said, you still want to examine the quality of the craftsmanship and look to see how the suit comes together.

You do not want a suit with jagged, loose, crooked stitching. If the stiching is messy and loose it was probably made quickly and it will not last very long. If you are in a tight spot and can’t afford a high quality suit, just make sure to be careful. Cheaper suits will not last going to the dry cleaners.

Click here for the complete suits guide!


 From the way the pockets come together, to the drape, the buttonholes, and the boutonniere loop. Each of these small details often have the biggest impact when it comes to how you look. Machine-sewn pockets aren’t as sturdy and will wear quickly when utilized. Stiff lapels without a slight roll are a hallmark of a cheap suit. Plastic buttons can break, and even horn buttons that use plastic anchors can fall off in the middle of your board meeting.

Click here to check out the complete suit guide!  


The last thing you want is to leave the store with a great navy suit and have it look four shades of blue by next summer. Look at the design. How is it dyed? Is it even and are the colors vivid? Will they fade? Is the pattern perfectly done across the suit, or are they misaligned where the fabric was cut?

Bottom line: look closely and pay attention.

The Fit:

It’s all about the perfect fit. The fit of your suit is arguably the most important aspect of a good quality men’s suit. It’s also the aspect with the most impact on how your suit looks and feels on you. Ask yourself, if the suit doesn’t fit you perfectly, why buy it?

After all, it’s not a cheap purchase. Off-the-rack suits use a “standard sizing,” which is a sort of one-size-fits-all approach to suiting that uses only chest size and jacket length to determine your “ideal” fit.

What about other factors like:

  • Sleeve length
  • Sleeve and trouser circumferences
  • Crotch length

In addition to the above, what about your posture, and the shape of your shoulders? The list goes on. Your body is a unique shape and size so even if you think off-the-rack sizing is ok for you, there will always be one area of fit that’s not quite right.

Getting the perfect suit fit is a game of inches… well 1/4 inches actually! A good quality men’s suit is one that’s made to your exact body measurements. Period.

The Construction:

The Construction of your suit should be “Half Canvassed” or “Fully Canvassed” and not “Fused.” One of the key differences between premium and low quality suit jackets is their construction. The chest of any jacket should be constructed of three (3) layers of material:

  • The fabric on the outside of the coat
  • The lining that makes up its inside
  • A layer of canvassing in between that gives the coat its shape


It’s easy to check whether the suit jacket you’re looking at is fused or canvassed. Simply pinch the chest fabric and lining between the fingers of each hand and pull them apart slightly. If it’s canvassed, you should be able to feel three distinct layers: the outside fabric, the canvas, and the lining. If it’s fused, you’ll only feel two layers. To distinguish between Full and Half Canvassing, perform the same pinch test down by the buttons.

Imported Wool Suit


Make sure to check the lapels before purchasing a new suit! The stitching should be even and equal all throughout. The stitches should also be nice and tight, if they aren’t then it may fall apart easily and fast.


Cuff Links:

The holes for the cuff links should be equally sized and not loose. You want to make sure the cuff link won’t fall out either.

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Thank you for reading Suits Avenue‘s blog! In this blog we talked about the new airport in Istanbul and share what we brought back for you! As always we import all of our clothes and bring you nothing but the greatest quality!  Stop in the store today to get help picking out your new favorite outfit!

Today we also explained when you’re buying a new suit, you need to look at the lapel, lining, stitching, details, coloring, fit, construction and a nice little pinch test to see if it quality!

Above is a guide to spotting a quality suit but it also important to mention how to care for and maintain the quality of these suits. Only then can one suit last you as long as you need it to, and only then will a collection of well kept suits be one of your greatest assets in the workplace.


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