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How To: Dress on your Wedding Day

Hi and thanks for visiting Suits Avenue! With wedding season in full swing today we are discussing the different suit colors for the wedding day and what color is right for you. It can be overwhelming to consider every detail of your suit before the big day – from the jacket and trousers to the cufflinks and the pocket squares – but the goal of this post is to ease the decision process for at least one of those details – the color of your suit. 


Now the specific style and the color will depend on the season (fall, spring, etc.) and the venue where you are getting married. Exotic, beach, and outdoor settings will require much more different attire than a city wedding or a more traditional church wedding. This will also dictate the style – formal, classic, or something more contemporary – as well as the decision to wear a waistcoat and a 2-piece vs. a 3-piece suit. 

Before we discuss possible color choices it is important to stress the importance of the classic suit style. ATailoredSuit.com stresses opting “for suit styles and silhouettes that are timeless” to avoid time-stamping your wedding pictures. Going with a fun and contemporary look can help your wedding pop but “in the same way many of my female friends can time-date a picture based of the height of their big hair (think late 80’s and early 90’s), going with a trendy look is just that – trendy.” So keep that in mind when considering the colors listed below.

Suit colors for your wedding day

Blue Wedding Suit: Blue is a highly respected and traditional color (think Navy) suitable to impress younger and older generations because of the balance it strikes between the elegance of the wedding and the formality of the ritual taking place. Blue – especially in it’s different shades – is a charming color for the that gives an enduring impression and allows you to mix and match with different styles and colors.

Wedding Suit

Grey Wedding Suit: A classic grey or charcoal grey suit is a great option if you are wearing a morning dress or just morning coat to your wedding. Lighter grey suits and other variations of grey can veer toward more casual destination weddings as it gives a very relaxed feeling.

Wedding Suit

Black Wedding Suit:  Black is a common color. You can wear some form of a black suit to dinner, a party, a funeral, celebration or even a wedding. If you go with a black suit it can match all colors, just make sure to match your vest, tie, pocket square and anything else with the rest of the wedding party. Remember all decisions should be ran by the rest of the wedding party to ensure you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 


WHITE SUIT: White makes a statement. It is bright, and if you are a sloppy, it’s dangerous. White will make you stand out, the best part is you can match your vest, tie, cuff links, socks, and pocket square to the same color and it will make an even bigger POP! Again, always check with the wedding party to make sure you match with everyone else. 

Italy Tuxedo

FEELING ADVENTUROUS: You can find a suit in almost EVERY color imaginable. The great thing with suits are the possibilities are endless!

What Next?

Now that you have the color of your suit picked out you should focus on the specific style you want as well as the specific accessories you will need. We discussed the importance of the classic suit style above so you should start considering your trousers, shirt, shoes, tie, belt, and cufflinks. Some of these decisions will be easier to make than others but they are all details that need to be considered. You should also consider the logistics of where you are getting your suit from – either purchasing it, renting it, or having it custom made by a tailor. 

When it comes down to it: don’t stress the small stuff before the big day. All of these details might seem overwhelming at first but taking it one step at a time can help. Now that we have discussed the color of your suit stay tuned to Suits Avenue and our blog here for more articles like this!

Whole attire

Today we are going to show you the proper attire to wear to a wedding!

First: you will need to start with a nice dress shirt. For big occasions like a wedding, it is best to have a solid shirt. You should also always wear an undershirt. They’re usually just a solid white shirt, if you don’t have a solid white shirt then turn it inside out just in case your shirt is see through.

Office Shirt

Another common under shirt is white or black, depending on the color of your suit.

Next, you will need to find a tight-fitting vest to wear over your under shirt.

Bust coat

It is best to get a tight-fitting vest so your jacket will easily form with your body and it won’t look baggy or too big.

Now, you need nice, ironed dress paints and a matching blazer. Make sure they fit well! 

Click here to read more about how your suit should fit!

Imported suit

When purchasing your jacket there are a few key things to look for:

  1. Make sure your shoulder fit perfectly. You don’t want them to be too snug so you cant move your arms, but it also can’t be too big and look like you are wearing shoulder pads.
  2. With the jacket buttoned, the lapels should lie flat on your chest. If they bow or leave a gap around your shirt collar try a different size.
  3. Your sleeves should hug your arms and show a half-inch of cuff
  4. With the jacket buttoned, slide your thumb between the button and your gut. If your thumb is snug, good. If it’s a little loose or tight, try a different size.
  5. Your pants should sit at your natural waistline (about an inch below your navel)

Now: you will need nice dress shoes and a matching tie.

It is okay to have a pattern or some type of design, however, never have the same pattern style or type on multiple pieces. It is meant to be a little accent to your outfit, not the whole outfit.

  • The jacket sleeve hem should fall at the wristbone with about one-fourth to one half inch of the shirt cuff showing below.

  • The bottom hem of the jacket should cover the butt and the vent shouldn’t pull open. If it does, that means it’s too tight.

  • The collar should lay flat on the back and sides of the neck without any gaps or bulges.

  • Pants should fit comfortably when standing and sitting and break across the top of the shoes so they cover the top one-third.

  • A bow tie should fit snugly around the collar.

Below are some more quality tips to spruce up your style on your wedding day!

Waist Coats:

Waist coats are the perfect vintage accessory – whatever the era, season or venue! Layered under a jacket, in matching or contrasting material, they look dapper and add some extra warmth for an Autumn or Winter wedding. Or they smarten up a simple shirt, whilst looking more casual than a jacket – and infinitely cooler for a Spring or Summer wedding…..

Braces (or suspenders):

Whether functional or purely decorative, braces/suspenders are the accessory of choice for the more relaxed, rustic, casual wedding Match them to the shirt or suit for a smart subtle look, or be daring and choose a contrasting colour to the suit but match them to the ties, shirt or shoes. Oh and if he decides to go with a patterned pair be sure to keep the shirt plain.

Old World Fabrics:

This is a statement look not for everyone, but tweeds, houndstooth and plaid are fun and stylish fabrics for a bold groom looking to channel his inner country gentleman! Even in a suit these textured textiles have the knack of looking more rustic and casual than formal; but at the same time, as the fabric of choice for the aristocracy (according to Downton Abbey) they suggest luxury and elegance…..

Bow Ties

The bow tie is the epitome of vintage chic for any gent! Fashionable since the 18th century choose from floral, velvet, tweed or even sequinned for a smart look with a hint of fun….. 


A Groom Should Practice Wearing the Clothing He’ll Wear on His Wedding Day

What I mean by this is actually putting your clothing on and wearing it for a bit. Feel free to wear it around the house to get comfortable with it on or even during a day at work.

Just be careful not to damage the outfit in any way! 

If you buy a new pair of shoes for your wedding also ensure that you break these in prior. There is nothing worse than sore, uncomfortable feet!

 Communicate with the Bride-to-Be About Wedding Clothing Preparations

This pointer is extremely critical!

Your woman is an important part of the preparation of your wedding but be sure to add your input as well.

Offer direction and guidance to your groomsmen in terms of what clothing they should wear right up to the accessories.

Once you do, make sure you have this communicated to her. If you have done your research and have taken “the bull by the horns” she should be onboard with this.

Communication is key in life. Besides, taking part in a wedding that you feel have directly contributed to makes it that much better.

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