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There are so many different body styles, and no two bodies are the same. That’s why in today’s blog we are going to keep it sweet and simple and talk about different suit tips for all sorts of body styles!!

*General tip: If the suit pockets tilt inwards towards the middle it will make the waist look more narrow*

While this isn’t necessary for every suit wearer, learning how to take your own body measurements can greatly benefit men with more particular body types such as a tall and stocky build. Once you have your measurements in hand you can take them to a tailor to ensure that perfect narrow fit.

Tall men

*What to Avoid* Tall men should absolutely avoid horizontal patterns and clothing that fits too loosely, which on a taller man can look especially pronounced.

First we are going to explore the most basic body types: buying suits for tall men.

The best suggestion for tall men is to wear a square jacket. This will help broaden the look of your torso. Called a “block” silhouette, this will ensure you avoid looking too thin or lanky and a double-breasted suit jacket would do just the trick

Stocky Men

What if my body type is tall with a stocky build? It can be especially difficult to buy suits for this body type but fear not – we are here to help. The trouble with finding suits for this body type is often that suits are either tailored for big and broad men or for tall and lanky men, and it can be hard to find to find a suit that focuses on both. For this particular body type, you are going to want a bit of looseness in your suit clothes when you first buy them. Wear your suit pants high so they drape over the stomach and buy suit shirts so they can be tucked into the waist. For a jacket, look for a single-breasted suit that will create a loose, deep “V” shape in the front.

Another tip for stocky men: never button more than 2 buttons, also stay away from suits with patterns. The different lines will add more weight to your muscle look and it will look disproportionate.

Skinny Men

Next we will discuss how to shop for the ones who no matter how much they eat, they never gain a single pound – The Skinny Guys.

  1. Buy suits with a pattern or get a double breasted jacket as this will add a little weight on your look. The double breasted jacket especially will add much more physical presence.
  2. Don’t let the clothing engulf you. This is another area where having a suit, shirt, trousers with a tailored fit will give you a sharper, neater feel to the clothes you wear.
  3. For pants, skinny guys can pull off bulkier fabrics such as denim and corduroy that offer straight up and down styles and fit the frame of the body well.

*What to Avoid* If you’re tall and skinny stay away from vertical stripped patterns as this will only make you look taller and even thinner.

Shorter Men

On to another popular body type: buying suits for short men.

  1. Men that require a more petite cut for their suits are becoming more common. You are going to want to invest in a suit jacket that will elongate your torso. This means jackets with longer lapels and multiple buttons.
  2. You are also going to want to buy shirts and pants that focus on elongating those areas. The shirt should stick out past your suit so that a small band of cloth is visible. Make sure the sleeve of your suit does not cover the shirt entirely! Wearing trousers with suspenders will add a horizontal line running up your torso creating the illusion of height.
  3. Avoid wearing longer trousers that will bunch up around the bottom of the legs. This will look especially noticeable on those with a shorter build.

*What to Avoid* You should avoid cuffing the bottoms of pants as they will make legs look even shorter. For shirts and pants, avoid dense and heavy fabrics such as tweed, these fabrics can look heavy and weight down the body.

Dad Bod

And finally, a body type you might have heard a lot about recently is the “Dad Bod.” A term was created to describe most dads who are too busy working long hours to keep up with a healthy diet and exercise. Here are a few tips for the men who fit in this category.

  1. You are going to want to be very careful when selecting a suit jacket as the way is fits your body will matter a lot in this situation. You are going to want a jacket thats cut high and long, that pinches mid-torso. Something that will not look bulky over the rear, a single vented jacket should accomplish this.

*What to Avoid* We suggest not buttoning your buttons. This will leave your jacket loose enough to hide all your work in progress. This is the only body style that can get away without buttoning their jacket.

Thank you again for tuning in this week to Suits Avenue blog! Don’t forget that No matter what body style you have, we always have something here for you at Suits Avenue

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