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Suits Avenue: The Right Style for Grooms in 2018

Hi and thanks for visiting Suits Avenue. Our blog post today will touch on a grooms personal style – specifically the right style of suit for grooms in 2018. Grooms have the flexibility of dozens of different suits styles and even suspenders aren’t off the table in today’s wedding ceremonies. 

Browse the different styles below and always remember the elements you will need to consider when selecting a style of suit to wear. These elements include the venue/location, time of year, how much you are willing to spend, as well as how many traditional you may want to break. Whether you rent or buy, choose a tuxedo or a more casual suit, we have the advice below and ideas for personalizing groom suits to match with your personal style.

Groom Style in 2018

Men are in luck because todays suit colors and textures are getting an upgrade. The classic black, navy and gray suits will always be in style, but now guys are opting for more colorful alternatives – this can be burgundy, dark green and even dusty mauve. Textures like casual tweeds and herringbone patterns are also playing a big role in outfits for grooms – and even their groomsmen!

Change Up the Neckwear

Neckwear is an easy – and uncomplicated – way to inject a little extra color and personality into the groom’s look. Make sure you pick out a different color or patterned tie from the rest of the groomsmen, or distinguish yourself even more and choose a bow tie while the groomsmen wear neckties. The choices can seem endless, but thinking about the formality of the location and the season of the event can help you settle on a type and fabric that feels right for your day.

Wear a Cool Pair of Socks

This pop of color will go unnoticed most of the time but can add a fun and fresh look to your wedding ensemble and a quirky pair makes for a great photo op—in a close-up along with the bride’s shoes, or in a wider shot that shows off the groom and groomsmen mix-and-match socks. Try an argyle or classic stripe for a preppy take, or go with a solid color block, nerdy graphic print or polka dot for a trendier look.

Seek Out Unique Shoes

Another tip along the lines of footwear, but stepping into a unique pair of shoes can complete the perfect look in 2018. The traditional groom wears black, as the color is known to be more formal, but depending on the color suit you choose, brown or even gray, oxblood or burgundy might look best. As for style, there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules. Oxfords, wingtips, monkstraps, loafers or a fresh pair of sneakers are all available options for grooms in 2018.

Even as a groom you should always remember that despite the year – the specific style and the color will depend on the season (fall, spring, etc.) and the venue where you are getting married. Exotic, beach, and outdoor settings will require much more different attire than a city wedding or a more traditional church wedding. This will also dictate the style – formal, classic, or something more contemporary – as well as the decision to wear a waistcoat and a 2-piece vs. a 3-piece suit. All of these elements will dictate the style of suit you will wear on the big day. Don’t stress out about the details and be sure to come back and visit the blog here at Suits Avenue!

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