How To: Care for your Suit

Hi everyone, thank you for reading How to care for your clothes with Suits Avenue!

Today we are going to give some tips on how to care for your suit to get the best look for the longest amount of time!

  1. The first step to suit care is ROTATING them!

If you wear the same suit every day, all day long it will never give the fibers time to relax or air out. It will always stay loose and never have the great “first fit” like it did when you first bought it.

2. Using round, wood hangers will give the suit enough space for air to flow through and getting the smells of your every day out. It also helps keep the suit fitting nice and tight. The rounded edges mock the shoulder make so it won’t stretch the suit out, only create enough space for it to relax in the natural form.

3. Keep very little in your pockets.

Do not overfill any of your pockets, inside or outside of the suit. Only carry your essentials, cash, business cards, or debit/credit cards. If you overload your pockets it will eventually change the shape of the suit. It will become

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