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Thank you for reading Suits Avenue’s blog! Today we are going to feature the shoes we offer and help you match them with your outfits!


Newly imported all leather shoes from Italy and Turkey. These stylish all leather shoes are available in all sizes. We have snake skin, coffee brown, black and much more! While you are here take a look at our matching belts and watches!

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Black Shoes:

Black is such a great choice for shoes because it matches with everything! 

The only main road block with black shoes are if you are wearing a bright outfit, you wouldn’t want to wear black shoes.

Black shoes are great for not only business occasions, but also weddings, funerals, dances, and any other formal occasion! 

Black shoes are also great for every day wear! They can make you look classy, professional, and smart!

Brown Shoes:

Brown shoes are another great classic! They also go with almost anything!

If you are wearing an outfit made out of a solid color, such as all white or all black, you wouldn’t want to wear brown shoes! If you have white shorts and any colored shirt, you can wear brown shoes!

They go great for formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, dances, or every day wear!


Sandles are great for every day wear! They aren’t something you would wear to work or a special/formal occasion. 


These are great for business and business casual events! They are also great for weddings, funerals, or even regular parties.

Boating shoes:

These shoes are good for regular every day events or even business casual events! They are not something you would want to wear to a regular business event though.

Casual Shoes


Thank you for reading our blog today! We hope we were able to help you pick out the best shoes to wear with your outfit or to your event today! Stop in the store and we can help you pick out a great outfit for your upcoming occasions! 

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