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Suits Avenue will dress you smartly, for work, or night out...These ties value priced at 50k.  The ladies in the shop created these sets do give you an idea of the trends we study from America and Europe.  We can make you look smart.

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Suits Avenue Update 87

Suits Avenue Update 87… Gents:  This week we received Blazers…AND Casual Shirts. The Blazers are ALL originals, made in Turkey… Wool Blended for durability and

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Suits Avenue Update 86

1.2m Ugx Suits Avenue Update 86 Gents:  This week we received more of the 3 pcs Banker Suit.  We Love these suits, they always demand

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Suits Avenue Update 85

150k Ugx Suits Avenue Update 85 WhatsApp Chat WhatsApp Catalog Gents: These 100% Cotton shirts are made in Turkey. Only originals at Suits Avenue, we

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Suits Avenue Update 84

900k Suits Avenue Update 84 Click for WhatsApp Gents:  These Wedding Day suits are originals made in Turkey, they are wool and satin.  We found

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🕴Suit Guide🕴

Introduction: Hello everyone, thank you for joining Suits Avenue’s and reading our blog! Today we are going to go over the complete guide to suits!

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🥳New Inventory🥳

Introduction: Welcome to Suits Avenue‘s blog! In this blog we are going to talk about the new airport in Istanbul and share what we brought

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