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Shoulders are ALWAYS first in the fitting, Tailors cannot fix shoulder problems..

How to dress for interview...Matching clothes

Ties change the atmosphere of where ever you are…and the mood of your clothes.  Suits Avenue imports these tie from Italy and Turkey.  we have hundreds in shop to match any shirt…

Suits Avenue covers all aspects of Men’s Fashion.  The Gals learn and practice how to tie ties, so they can teach you the latest trends…The watch fashion in UK and USA.  These are some of what they found, the Prince Albert is the DEMO, trending in New York…Power, sophistication, very cool style… Suits Avenue is your man needs source in Kampala. 

The samples below where found online, Suits Avenue gals are always looking for ways to dress you Smartly…These are the basics to matching your wardrobe.  Beginning with skin tone then working from there…

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