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今Dressing you and your wedding party今

Welcome to Suits Avenue’s Blog! Today we are going to show you how to dress smartly for a wedding!

Of course, you can always stop by the shop today for more help!

Start with a matching nice slim fit blazer and dress pants! You want them to flow nicely with your body, Click here to see how to wear the proper suit.

Next find a nice dress shirt for underneath, for formal occasions like a wedding a white or navy blue is best. Of course, if there is a color scheme for the wedding it is always best to check with someone from the wedding party.

Shoes and ties are the next stop. If your undershirt has a pattern you will want a solid tie or vice versa. If you choose to both have a pattern make sure they vary in size and design. You can never go wrong with a nice shiny black pair of dress shoes.

We import quality menswear for all occasions – one of those important occasions could be your wedding and you will face important decisions about what you and your groomsmen should wear. This post is going to provide 7 great tips that you can follow as you prepare to dress the groomsmen for the big day!

Talk to your spouse about what the bridesmaids are wearing.

Obviously you should consult your other half about the wedding before making any big decisions. To create a cohesive wedding you will want to coordinate outfits for the bridesmaids and groomsmen that complement each other in a certain way. They dont have to match entirely – unless you want them too! – but it will help you plan your own outfits accordingly. It can even just involve one common color. Speaking of color

Start with Color

Whether or not you require a full consultation with fully customizable tuxedoes or you are going to a bridal shop to pick something off the rack, you should always start with a certain color in mind. You can bring in a picture of what the bridesmaids are wearing, a color swatch, or at the very least an idea of what color you should be looking for. If you decide to shop online this can be made even simpler as most online stores allow you to search by color. When in doubt – seek advice and stick to original color with a simple, good looking fit.

Slim fitting suits look great on a variety of body types

The important thing to know about the slim fitting suit is that it looks great on a variety of shapes and sizes. This is because they look crisp and tailored with a flattering style that creates a nice, clean, cohesive look.

Dont be afraid of the casual look

Some men can pull this off well. If you are confident in your own style and what the bridesmaids are wearing dont be afraid to put your own spin on the casual look. This can translate into bow-ties and suspenders or just simply shedding the tradition of the three piece suit. Dressing the wedding ushers in casual attire is another fun way to incorporate this look into the wedding without disrupting how the groomsmen are dressed.

Get Professional Measurements

With all the stress of the wedding the last thing you want to worry about is the fit. That is why you should get professionally measured by a tailor to ensure the very best fit possible. You will still have to worry about the color and the style but ensuring a good fitting suit will take one less worry off your plate.

Trust Your Groomsmen

If you are confident in your groomsmen and are not concerned with wearing matching suits then dont be afraid to let your groomsmen take the reigns and pick their own suit. Set some parameters – but letting them pick something on their own will no doubt result in an outfit that is more comfortable for them to wear for long periods of time. You can still have the final call but this is a great way to let your groomsmen have some fun.

Dont forget the small details

Socks, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and boutonnieres are essential to bringing the big day all together. This will help everyone feel special on the big day so consider designating one of the groomsmen to take charge on the big day and make sure everyone has what they need

If these tips dont help and you are totally lost on what you want – dont be afraid to keep it simple! A lot of couples decide to have the groom and groomsmen all in the same suit/tux, with white or ivory shirts underneath. And then you can have them wearing matching ties with differing pocket squares or identical pocket squares and mismatched ties. If you want to have more fun with it you can decide to have the men in colored shirts or have fun, patterned ties. If youre open to having fun with it – the more pattern, the more relaxed the wedding.

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