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今How to dress like an Obama今

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading Suits Avenue Blog!!!! Today we are going to break down the look everyone has wanted since 2008; how to dress like former President Barrack Obama.


Former President Barrack Obama has been notorious for the same stylish suits ever since 2008. He only wears charcoal grey or Navy blue.


He wears a single breasted jacket, nice white shirt, and single pleated 33 1/2″ waiste pants with a 1 1/4 inch cuff.


He buttons two of the buttons and switches between a red or blue tie with stripes or dots.

Former U.S. President Barrack Obama also likes to switch things up sometimes and not wear a jacket


He stays cool and classy by rolling taking off his jacket and rolling his sleeves up to his mid-forearm

Obama Style 2010 Coat.jpg

When he gets cold he still keeps his handsome look by adding a simple, long, black coat.


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