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How To: Care for your Suit


Hi everyone, thank you for reading How to care for your suits with Suits Avenue! Today, we will go over the things you can do to add extra years onto your suits life! Suits aren’t a cheap investment, and if they aren’t cared for properly, they can last less than a year! Make sure to do a lot of research before making a big purchase on a suit!

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Table of contents:

  • Rotating your Suit
  • Using a wooden hanger
  • Keep very little in your pockets
  • Use a clothing brush
  • Roll your suit
  • Steam your suit regularly
  • Avoid the dry cleaners
  • Covering your suit
  • How to fold your suit
  1. Rotate your suits!

If you wear the same suit every day, all day long it will never give the fibers time to relax or air out. It will always stay loose and never have the great “first fit” like it did when you first bought it. By rotating through your suits and giving each of them a few days to rest in the closet will make sure your suit is nice and crisp for your next formal adventure!

2. Wood hangers:

Using round, wood hangers will give the suit enough space for air to flow through and getting the smells of your every day out. It also helps keep the suit fitting nice and tight. The rounded edges mock the shoulder make so it won’t stretch the suit out, only create enough space for it to relax in the natural form.

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3. Keep very little in your pockets.

Do not overfill any of your pockets, inside or outside of the suit. Only carry your essentials, cash, business cards, or debit/credit cards. If you overload your pockets it will eventually change the shape of the suit and it will become more lose and unnatural.

4. Brush your suit with a clothing brush:

This will extend the natural fibers in the suit, allowing it to last longer. It also helps keep the fibers up allowing it to breathe more and not hold in strong odors from the day. Be careful not to over brush your suit though, this will cause the fibers to become too loose and eventually fall apart quicker.

5. Roll your suit:

Do this after brushing your suit. Rolling your suit will grab any loose fabric pieces or hair stuck on it. It is a little extra step that takes your look a long way!

6. Steam your suit regularly:

Steaming your suit opens up the fibers, removes stains and marks, as well as the smells from throughout the day. Dry ironing your suit will push the fibers down trapping all stains and stenches, so try to avoid ironing your suits!

7. Avoid the dry cleaners:

Dry cleaners shorten the lifespan of suits. They use strong chemicals to treat the suits so they are clean. It is only necessary to take your suit to the dry cleaners if you absolutely cannot get the stain or smell out of your suit by brushing it, airing it, or steaming it.

8. Cover it up:

When you aren’t wearing the suit, it should be on the wood hanger as discussed earlier, as well as in an appropriate suit bag. This will keep any bugs or dust from getting into the bag or onto your suit. It also protects it from any unfortunate events that may happen, and makes it easier to travel with.

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How to: Fold your suit to travel-

Step one:

Lay the suit face down on a flat surface with the front up.


Flip the jacket over and fold the left shoulder back. towards the right.


Turn the right shoulder inside out, then tuck left shoulder into the right.

STEP 4: 

Fold it in half lengthwise,  then fold it horizontally.

STEP 5: 

Place the folded jacket in the center of the outstretched trousers.


Fold the trouser bottoms over the jacket and repeat with the top of the trousers.

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