🤴How to dress for a wedding🎩

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Today we are going to show you the proper attire to wear to a wedding!

First, you will need to start with a nice dress shirt


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  Made Imported from Italy and Turkey 150kand Imported from Italy and Turkey 200k for set

For a formal occasion like a wedding, it is best to stick with solid color undershirts, the most common shirts are white or black, depending on the color of your suit.

Next, you will need to find a tight-fitting vest.

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It is best to get a tight-fitting vest so your jacket will easily form with your body so it doesn’t look baggy or too big.

Now, you need nice, ironed dress paints and a matching blazer.

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When purchasing your jacket there are a few key things to look for

  1. Make sure your shoulder fit perfectly. You don’t want them to be too snug so you cant move your arms, but it also can’t be too big and look like you are wearing shoulder pads.
  2. With the jacket buttoned, the lapels should lie flat on your chest. If they bow or leave a gap around your shirt collar try a different size.
  3. Your sleeves should hug your arms and show a half-inch of cuff
  4. With the jacket buttoned, slide your thumb between the button and your gut. If your thumb is snug, good. If it’s a little loose or tight, try a different size.
  5. Your pants should sit at your natural waistline (about an inch below your navel)

Now, you will need nice dress shoes and a matching tie.

It is okay to have a pattern or some type of design, however, never have the same pattern style or type on multiple pieces. It is meant to be a little accent to your outfit, not the whole outfit. 

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