🕺Spruce up your everyday look🕺

We all love to dress up, but why must there always be a special occasion? 

We are here to show you there doesn’t have to be! 

Today we will talk about some subtle ways to step up your every day clothes!

First: The Pants

REMINDER: If your job has a uniform policy, always follow it.

If it’s warm and a casual day shorts are always acceptable. 

The first tip to casually dressing up make sure your shorts aren’t too long, or too short. They shouldn’t go 1/2 below your calf. Having your shorts about knee length is always a safe way to go. 

The other two options are jeans or khakis. Always make sure the pants fully fit. You don’t want to be stepping on the hem of your pants. They will soak up any water you may walk through and start to rip and tear off. Making sure your pants fit also means that they stay around your wasite and the middle part doesn’t hang too low.

Second: Shirts

Make sure your shirt doesn’t go below your waist. A shirt that is too long looks sloppy. If you are wearing a button down shirt or a polo you can also tuck it in for an extra touch.

Make sure to coordinate your shirt and pants. If you are wearing dark jeans or khakis, wear a lighter shirt so it doesn’t clash.

Click here to read about matching shirts and ties.


Wear a belt, this will make sure your pants stay up and make you look smart. Typically black belts go with everything, but don’t forget there are also brown belts!

Quick Tips:

  1. Pluck any unwanted hairs. It is always a guaranteed way to keep you looking slick. 
  2. Exercise before you go out. It will release serotonin, and your body will more look in tone from the recent work out.
  3. Practice goo dposture. It’s the little things that will attract your partner. Not only is good posture good for your health but it looks better. 
  4. Take care of your mouth. The smile is usually the first thing people notice when first introduced to someone. Flossing every day and using a whitening tooth paste will make a big difference!
  5. Eat and Drink right. Your skin absorbs what you drink, so make sure it’s good!

Bonus: Caring for suits:

  1. The first step to suit care is ROTATING them!

If you wear the same suit every day, all day long it will never give the fibers time to relax or air out. It will always stay loose and never have the great “first fit” like it did when you first bought it.

2. Using round, wood hangers will give the suit enough space for air to flow through and getting the smells of your every day out. It also helps keep the suit fitting nice and tight. The rounded edges mock the shoulder make so it won’t stretch the suit out, only create enough space for it to relax in the natural form.

3. Keep very little in your pockets.

Do not overfill any of your pockets, inside or outside of the suit. Only carry your essentials, cash, business cards, or debit/credit cards. If you overload your pockets it will eventually change the shape of the suit. It will become 

3. Brush your suit with a clothing brush.

This will extend the natural fibers in the suit and allowing it to last longer. It keeps the fibers up allowing it to breathe more.

4. Steam your suit regularly.

Steaming your suit opens up the fibres, removes stains and marks as well as the smells. Dry ironing your suit will push the fibres down trapping all stains and stenches.


5. Avoid the dry cleaners

Dry cleaners shorten the lifespan of suits. They use strong chemicals to treat the suits so they are clean. It is only necessary to take your suit to the dry cleaners if you absolutely cannot get the stain or smell out of your suit.

How to: Pack a suit

Lay suit facedown on a flat surface.

Fold left shoulder back.

Turn right shoulder inside out, then tuck left shoulder into the right.

Fold in half lengthwise and then fold horizontally.

Place folded jacket in the center of the outstretched trousers.

Fold trouser bottoms over jacket and repeat with top of trousers.

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